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Binding Authorities
and Programmes

We specialise in the placement of binding authorities and programmes for Brokers, Managing General Agents as well as Coverholders, with emphasis on North America.

Our experience across a broad range of classes and territories, along with comprehensive analytical skills, including access to in-house actuarial and modelling services, places us at the forefront of the London Binding Authority broking community.

Our product design is driven by market needs and our role ensures our clients are provided with the appropriate tools to help grow their business. Our clients range from small family run businesses to large corporate entities and bank portfolios.

A key ingredient of our success is our ability to develop long-term and stable partnerships with our clients. They appreciate the responsibility that comes with any form of binding authority agreement and value how such a contract helps expand their business.

Areas of Expertise

  • Commercial Property
  • Homeowners & Dwellings
  • Automobile
  • Fire, Theft & Collision
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Course of Construction
  • Vacant Property
  • Specialty Casualty Lines
  • General Liability
  • Specific and Aggregate Stop Loss
  • Personal Accident
  • Professional Liability
  • Sports, Occupational Accident

Key Features

  • Helping programme managers bring business to life
  • Conducting diligent research and development
  • The capacity to model and analyse data, enabling us to identify trends and guide clients on optimizing the contract they have secured
  • Working with client and insurer to ensure the interests of both parties are aligned
We provide clients with a stable structure, enabling them to quote, bind and issue in-house; tools which can enhance the efficiency and profitability of any business. Paul Daly, Managing Director
Paul Daly
Paul Daly Managing Director
Bruce Carter
Bruce Carter Divisional Director
John Staines
John Staines Divisional Director
Andrew Scales
Andrew Scales Divisional Director