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US Property & Casualty

As a fiercely independent, largely employee-owned reinsurance broker, our innovative team is empowered to focus purely on your best interests.

Rely on us for your day-to-day and extraordinary reinsurance needs. Especially as industry changes surge, capital opportunities broaden, and competition intensifies, we specialize in Property & Casualty strategies for:

  • Regional companies and other niche-oriented carriers
  • Coastal and strategic property catastrophe writers
  • Risk aggregators and distributors (MGA’s / Program managers)

For tailored solutions and exemplary service, partner with BMS. We listen first, solve second – and anticipate always.

Dedicated team

Operating seamlessly between the US and UK, your BMS team will collaborate to derive and deliver original and creative solutions to help ensure your
business can prosper – from the early stages onward.

New solutions, better service

The market is evolving. As it does we actively and relentlessly pursue opportunities to create capital solutions that benefit your unique business. In addition to mitigating risk, reducing reinsurance costs, and maximizing coverage, we find broader ways to help you succeed, such as, to:

  • Stabilize operating results against plan
  • Reduce the amount of capital required to support your business
  • Innovate reinsurance structures that align your unique risk(s) with the most efficient capital
  • Grow and retain your most profitable business, while ceding excessive volatility

Through it all, you can count on clearly drafted contracts, expeditiously handled premiums, and assertively managed claims to effect prompt payment.

Steve Korducki
Steve Korducki President & Chief Executive Officer, US

D: +1 480-684-0387 | stephen.korducki(_at_sign_)

Duncan Aitken
Duncan Aitken Director

D: +44 20-7374-5960 | duncan.aitken(_at_sign_)

Cory Anderson
Cory Anderson Executive Vice President, Branch Manager

D: +1 214-753-4241 | cory.anderson(_at_sign_)

Heather Barbee
Heather Barbee Senior Vice President

D: +1 214-753-4204 | heather.barbee(_at_sign_)

Dan Bilot
Dan Bilot Executive Vice President

D: +1 952-224-0215 | dan.bilot(_at_sign_)

Jim Botsis
Jim Botsis Senior Vice President

D: +1 972-455-0559 | jim.botsis(_at_sign_)

Romulo Braga
Romulo Braga BMS Capital Advisory, Inc. Chief Executive Officer

D: +1 646-778-4859 | Romulo.Braga(_at_sign_)

Gavin Brennan
Gavin Brennan Vice President

D: +1 646-778-4848 | gavin.brennan(_at_sign_)

Andrew Bustillo
Andrew Bustillo Executive Managing Director, US

D: +1 646-778-4850 | andrew.bustillo(_at_sign_)

Kristin Callahan
Kristin Callahan Senior Vice President

D: +1 215-825-3074 | kristin.callahan(_at_sign_)

Erin Coleman
Erin Coleman Vice President

D: +1 215-825-3078 | erin.coleman(_at_sign_)

Kirk Conrad
Kirk Conrad Chief Strategy Officer

D: +1 214-753-4244 | kirk.conrad(_at_sign_)

Caitlin Dupree
Caitlin Dupree Technical Broker

D: +1 469 341 4349 |

John Faustman
John Faustman Executive Vice President

D: +1 215-825-3071 | john.faustman(_at_sign_)

John Faustman Jr.
John Faustman Jr. Technical Broker

D: +1 215 825 3079 |

Christa Faustman
Christa Faustman Executive Vice President, Branch Manager (P&C)

D: +1 215-825-3072 | christa.faustman(_at_sign_)

Denise Fratanduono
Denise Fratanduono Assistant Vice President

D: +1 215-644-6700 | denise.fratanduono(_at_sign_)

Alexander Fox
Alexander Fox Senior Vice President

D: +1 214-753-4242 |

Steve Galleger
Steve Galleger Executive Vice President

D: +1 952-253-0055 | steve.galleger(_at_sign_)

Robin Greville Williams
Robin Greville Williams Director

D: +44 20-7374-5999 | robin.grevillewilliams(_at_sign_)

Jack Hickey
Jack Hickey Senior Vice President

D: +1 646-778-4847 | jack.hickey(_at_sign_)

Brandon Hopkins
Brandon Hopkins Senior Vice President

D: +1 952-252-0808 | brandon.hopkins(_at_sign_)

Andy Justice
Andy Justice Executive Vice President

D: +1 214-753-4205 | andy.justice(_at_sign_)

Paul Knutson
Paul Knutson Executive Vice President

D: +1 952 252 0805 |

Sean McCrary
Sean McCrary Senior Vice President

D: +1 214-753-4210 | sean.mccrary(_at_sign_)

Carl Ness
Carl Ness Assistant Vice President

D: +1 952-224-0209 | carl.ness(_at_sign_)

Steven Pekala
Steven Pekala Executive Vice President

D: +1 312-517-7203 | steven.pekala(_at_sign_)

Jacob Porter
Jacob Porter Senior Vice President

D: +1 215-825-3075 | jacob.porter(_at_sign_)

Hunter Rotchford
Hunter Rotchford Technical Broker

D: +1 646 923 9938 |

Matt Schuetzle
Matt Schuetzle Vice President

D: +1 952-253-0053 | matt.schuetzle(_at_sign_)

Brandon Stack
Brandon Stack Broker

D: +44 20-7480-0309 |

James Watmough
James Watmough Senior Broker

D: +44 20-7480-0275 | james.watmough(_at_sign_)

Christopher Willis
Christopher Willis Divisional Director

D: +44 20-7374-5952 | chris.willis(_at_sign_)